The complete breathing apparatus after sales package, travelling throughout the UK.

breathing apparatus cylinder test
 •   Testing to National/International standards
 •   UKAS accredited
 •   On and off site testing throughout the UK
 •   Computer monitoring for next test date
 •   Storage cylinder testing on and off-site
 •   Working throughout the B.A. Industry - Fire, Police, Petrochemical.
     Nuclear, Utilities, Pharmaceutical and industry at large

breathing apparatus set servicing
 •   Qualified to service most leading makes
 •   Interspiro Servicing Agents
 •   Statutory monthly inspections to legal requirements, including
     provision of paperwork and record keeping

breathing compressors
 •   Servicing most leading makes of B.A. compressors
 •   On and off site Air Purity Testing to National/International Standards